• Little Stars Preschool and Kindergarten is based in a large house and grounds in a quiet street conveniently situated near the by-pass Sanur with easy parking facilities.
  • The school provides a separate room for each age group together with spacious indoor and outdoor areas for activity centres.
  • A large bale scattered with cushions provides an ideal area for the library and quiet time.
  • A special shaded area is used for snack time and lunch.
  • A large sports field allows for team orientated activities such as football, volley and tennis.
  • The adventure play equipment, designed as an obstacle course encourages imaginative play as well developing gross motor skills and can be accessed by all ages.
  • Swings, slides, sand and water play areas and a trampoline compliment the garden area
Our teachers are committed to provide a safe, comfortable, nurturing educational environment in which children can grow and learn.
Our teachers are all certified by the Indonesian Department of Education, hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and/or have years of experience working with children and have passed First Aid training.
The Classroom Environment
  • Creating an environment of respect and rapport
  • Establishing a culture for learning
  • Managing classroom procedures
  • Managing student behavior
School Calendar 2016-2017