Little Stars is committed to providing a caring, stimulating environment for children aged 1,5 years to 10 years old. We believe that children should grow, learn and develop in a stimulating, friendly, caring and safe environment where each child is treated as an individual. Therefore, we develop a curriculum that enables children to reach their fullest potential at their own pace.

Little Stars has official permission to operate from the Department of Education in Indonesia. We base our school program on the Indonesian curriculum merged with British National Curriculum.


To build a foundation of learning that will enable our students
to be lifelong learners, internationally minded and responsible global citizen.


To provide a stimulating, secure and friendly learning environment
To develop an inquiry-based approach to foster
academic and social development through an integrated curriculum.


School Environment

  • Little Stars Preschool and Kindergarten is based in a large house and grounds in a quiet street conveniently situated near the by-pass Sanur with easy parking facilities.
  • The school provides a separate room for each age group together with spacious indoor and outdoor areas for activity centres.
  • A large bale scattered with cushions provides an ideal area for the library and quiet time.
  • A special shaded area is used for snack time and lunch.
  • A large sports field allows for team orientated activities such as football, volley and tennis.
  • The adventure play equipment, designed as an obstacle course encourages imaginative play as well developing gross motor skills and can be accessed by all ages.
  • Swings, slides, sand and water play areas and a trampoline compliment the garden area

The Classroom Environment

  • Creating an environment of respect and rapport
  • Establishing a culture for learning
  • Managing classroom procedures
  • Managing student behavior

School Teachers

  • Our teachers are committed to provide a safe, comfortable, nurturing educational environment in which children can grow and learn.
  • Our teachers are all certified by the Indonesian Department of Education, hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and/or have years of experience working with children and have passed First Aid training.