We believe that success starts early and take a hands-on approach to our students’ learning. We are constantly seeking out new and advanced ways of educating and encouraging students to take an innovative approach to their education and learning. These programs developed aims to deepen the bonds between students, open new perspectives on the world and allow the students to meet significant personal and academic challenges.



Every year we celebrate the International Mother Language Day to promote the linguistic diversity and cultural heritage of the school community. There will be many fun activities led by parents during the events such as traditional games, storytelling and art and craft. At Little Stars, we encourage our students to be knowledgeable about their mother language and provide them with awareness regarding the promotion of their language and culture towards other countries.

Independence Day

This historic event is celebrated with numerous exciting events here at Little Stars. The students participate in flag raising ceremonies in the morning and followed by fun games such as sack race, crackers eating, tug of war and many more. The students will enjoy a day of games and good times with friends, where the spirit of Indonesian Independence Day is surely to be at its fullest.

Spirit Week

This whole week is designed as a way to bring more community into the school. This positive spirit impacted on classroom behaviour and the sense of belonging and ownership both for individuals and the school community as a whole.


At Little Stars we see reading activity as a precious gift, and in celebrating our children’s literature, we develop a range of theme-based activities to encourage all children to delve into the world of storytelling. Everyday in the week will be filled with opportunities to listen to different stories by different teachers in class and a “book buddy” from other classes.

School Camp

School camp is considered a compulsory part of the curriculum. Little Stars School Camp program is designed to support a variety of areas of learning in the classroom, provide students with the opportunity to form relationships through first-hand experiences and develop their personal competencies: social skills, independence skills, decision-making skills, and physical fitness


Nyepi is the Balinese New Year, which represents the turning of the Saka calendar. Unlike many other parts of the world, Bali celebrates the first day of the new year with a day of complete silence. In celebrating Nyepi, Little Stars students will design and create their own Ogoh-Ogoh (large paper mache effigies) from recycled materials and march around the school in a parade. By doing this activity,we want our students to learn about respecting and celebrating Balinese culture and working together as a community.

Art Exhibition

Our Art Exhibition aims to give students the opportunity to apply or do the practical aspect of the things that they have learned and add a hands-on activity to students.
The children’s artwork will be set up and can be viewed on special display stands, so visitors can browse and view their masterpieces in their full splendour!

Chinese New Year

We celebrate the Chinese cultural heritage through the language, stories, arts and crafts, and music and movement.

End of Year Performance

At the end of academic year, all students will be participating by putting on performances.

School Performance

At the end of semester 1, the students will pull off a show-stopping performances with their acting, dance and singing talents.